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Dr Dawn Pereira
Post-War art & design historian

Dr Dawn Pereira’s passion for often-overlooked public art has led her to champion its interpretation, preservation and commemoration. Her PhD thesis examined the role of the artist within the London County Council (1957-65) through its prestigious ‘Patronage of the Arts Scheme’ and lesser-known ‘Design Consultant Scheme’. From 2013-2014 she was the Henry Moore Institute Research Fellow and undertook archival study into the work of LCC artists such as Dorothy Annan, Trevor Tennant and Franta Belsky. As Heritage Advisor to the charity ‘Invisible Palace’ she recently worked on a community lottery-funded project to discover the origins of the ‘Sculptures of the Crystal Palace’, and their fate when sold by the LCC in the 1950s. Currently, Dawn is completing a monograph about LCC artist William Mitchell, chronicling his ‘colourful crusade’ to humanise post-war urban landscapes in Britain and internationally. Dawn has been a practising artist for over twenty-five years with an array of experience, first working in an artists’ co-operative making and selling functional and sculptural ceramics and then diversifying into textiles, mosaics, and concrete.

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