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Joseph Rose Ceilings, 7 Mansfield Street, Marylebone

Paint analysis and restoration of the two Joseph Rose ceilings

Mansfield Street, near Harley Street in Marylebone, was developed by Robert and James Adam around 1767. The plasterer Joseph Rose took the lease to Number 7 in lieu of payment. The house has Adam-designed and Rose-decorated plaster ceilings - in linear geometric style with medallions. Number 7 had a long list of occupants. The house was damaged by bombing in the war. Since 1954 it has been the home of the British Veterinary Association. Since the late 19th century this house has been part of the Howard de Walden estate.

The ceilings were painted white in the past. As part of a general refurbishment and conversion of current office spaces to event hire spaces the BVA investigated the original ceiling decoration of the two first floor rooms - the front and back drawing rooms - and found the 1772 Adams drawings in the Soane Museum archives. The HOLT grant will allow for paint analysis followed by repainting to the Adams' scheme.

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