The Aldgate Pump

Restoration of The Aldgate Pump

The Aldgate Pump is situated at the junction of Aldgate High Street, Fenchurch Street and Leadenhall Street. It was once identified as a marker signalling the start of East London. The pump has a gruesome past that gained it the nickname 'Pump of Death' after it caused a cholera outbreak in 1876. It was discovered that the pump's water supply contained sediment including calcium that was leached from human bones in nearby cemeteries. The water supply was immediately replaced and the pump continued to be a beloved monument of the East - even lending it's name to rhyming slang!

Structurally stable, the restoration will focus on repairing cracks, matching stone indents, derusting ironwork and replacing the wrought iron lantern that sat above the pump. The lantern is thought to have gone missing between 1900 and 1907. Once restored, the lantern will illuminate the street once again.

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