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Caledonian Park Gates, Railings & Animal Heads

Restoration of gates

The gas lanterns were removed sometime prior to the closure of the market in 1939. The cast animal heads on the piers were removed sometime after the war, believed stolen. The original moulds survive and are held by Museum of London and replica cow and sheep heads cast from these are kept on display at Islington Museum.

The railings have severely corroded over last decades and are now on included on the At Risk register. Multiple piers are cracked open and rusted or are braced together. HOLT’s proposal with Islington Council is to restore the six main gate piers, with four heads around each, plus reinstate two working lanterns on each side of the gate. Long term the Council would aim to restore the long run of c. 300 metres of railings along Market Road. The heads would be cast from copies of the original moulds and the lanterns matched to the original design.

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