Restoration of the facade and lettering.

Findlater's Corner is on the south side of London Bridge, on the corner of Borough High St, Tooley St, Guildable Manor St and Railway Approach. In 1850 Alexander Findlater, one of eleven children of a Scottish farmer, arrived in London to open a wine shop under the name of Findlater Mackie & Company. In 1855 with new partners, Findlater began trading as Findlater Mackie Todd & Co. In 1863 the company moved to premises under the railway viaduct. After Findlater's death in 1873, the business passed through several different merchants but continued trading under the same name.

Findlater was a prosperous wine merchant and could afford a lavish, eye-catching facade. His shop was known to generations of Londoners as Findlater's Corner. The faience surround was made from nearby Doulton's Carraraware, a glazed terracotta that imitates Italian marble but vitrified and much stronger. Its glazed surface was ideal for cleaning in sooty, early 20th century London. Although the shop has not been in use by Findlater's since 1967 its exterior has remained relatively unaltered but is now in poor repair from pollution and weathering.

The restoration project will include the removal of vegetation, steam cleaning the façade, repairing the clock and rear illumination and also installing new bronze lettering in the original 'Findlater's' font. HOLT is supporting the restoration of the façade.

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