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The Monument

Remembering the Fire

I did within these six days see smoke still remaining of the late fire in the City, and it is strange to think how to this very day I cannot sleep a-night without great terrors of fire; and this very night I could not sleep till almost 2 in the morning through thoughts of fire.
Samuel Pepys, 28 February 1667

The Monument memorial was completed in 1677 - sixty-one metres tall, laid down it would reach the site of the bakery on Pudding Lane.

Designed by Christopher Wren and Robert Hooke, various ornaments were proposed for its top, including a phoenix and a statue of Charles II. Hooke's design of a gilt-bronze urn was chosen. The Monument was also intended as a scientific instrument. Its central shaft was designed for use as a giant zenith telescope and for use in gravity and pendulum experiments.

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