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Peckham Rye Station

We were delighted today to join the unveiling of a plaque at the award-winning Peckham Rye Station project. HOLT Director Nicola Stacey spoke about HOLT’s recasting of the station’s 1865 iron cresting on the roof of the station - a stunning example of Victorian architect Charles Driver’s ironwork design. Using the original archive drawings, the crestings were recast by FSE Foundry in Braintree and their 32 finials gilded by Kevin Ruggeri. HOLT supported the restoration at each stage to ensure the golden cresting’s return to its former glory on the roof of the station building. 


Speakers included Harriet Harman MP who unveiled the plaque, Andrew Wood from Network Rail, BAM, architect Benny O’Looney, Andy Savage and Tim Hedley-Jones from the Railway Heritage Trust.



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