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Proud Places is a London-wide engagement programme inspiring young people with the world around them. Through our heritage projects, we introduce children aged 11 and upwards to important themes in local places…the hidden stories of London and why they matter.


The programme helps young people improve their life choices as well as their life skills. We offer site visits and craft workshops, a chance to explore London behind-the-scenes and develop local knowledge and pride. We are specialists in alternative provision schools and youth groups but also work with primary and secondary pupils across the city.


Visits are individually tailored to each group, and entirely free of charge.


The programme was developed with our Proud Places Young Ambassadors and launched during the pandemic in October 2020 with funding from the Jones Day Foundation. To date we have worked with over 6,000 young people, and the programme continues to expand.


Proud Places is represented on the Partners' Board of the Mayor of London's Commission for Diversity in the Public Realm.


For more information on Proud Places go to our webpage


"Not gonna lie, this was genuinely the best day we've had yet! Every week I think it's not gonna top the last and it does! This is the best day I've ever had! I'll say to my mates, what did YOU do this Wednesday?! NOTHING.”

– Devon, aged 19

“How can you not touch this site… feel it! I’m going to come every day after school to pay my tribute… It makes you kind of appreciate the history, like the culture of the area you’re living in. It makes you feel like you have an obligation to uphold this much history in your local area.” 

 – Ben, aged 16

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