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Broomfield Park memorial

Restoration of Broomfield Park memorial stone

The Broomfield Memorial commemorates the opening of the park to the public in 1903. The house at the centre of this handsome park dates back to the 16th century. It was owned by the Master of the Skinners Company and then a succession of 16th and 17th century merchants. Its last private owner was Sir Ralph Littler, Chairman of Middlesex County Council, who sold the house and estate to Southgate Urban District Council in 1902. The Park opened to the public in 1903 and the remainder of the estate was sold to developers. The house had a variety of uses through the 20th century - as well as location of the Royal Army Medical Corps during WWII, it was a babies' clinic, Enfield's first museum, a café and a dentist. It was seriously damaged by fires in 1984 and is now gutted. HOLT has restored the much eroded stone situated near the park entrance that memorialises the story of the park's opening to the public over a century ago.

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