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Christopher Jones Statue

Restoration of the statue and lettering.

Christopher Jones (c.1570 - 1622) was part-owner and captain of the 'Mayflower' ship, chartered by Thomas Weston of the Merchant Adventurers, for the Pilgrim voyage to America in 1620. The Mayflower embarked with 65 passengers in mid-July from London, going first to Southampton to meet the ship 'Speedwell' bringing pilgrims from Holland. The two ships planned to cross the Atlantic together but problems with Speedwell delayed their initial start date and meant the Mayflower would continue alone. The ship finally left Plymouth on 16th September 1620 with 102 passengers, arriving 66 days later in Cape Cod Bay on 11th November 1620.

This 1995 statue is by artist Jamie Sargeant and, playing on the name of the captain, depicts St Christopher looking back towards the Old World, carrying a child looking forward to the New. The plinth is in the form of a stylised boat, with sharp prow and rounded stern. Around the plinth is written: "To the memory of Christopher Jones 1570 - 1622 Master of the Mayflower. He landed 102 planters and adventurers at Plymouth Massachusetts 21 Dec 1620. They formed the Mayflower Compact the first permanent colony in New England."

Prior to HOLT's restoration, the statue had suffered from weathering that had left many features damaged or missing. HOLT kick-started this project, advising on its conservation, awarding it a grant and supervising the cleaning of the statue and the repairs made to its stonework.

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