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Hoxton Hall

Restoration of railings and reinstallation of sun-burner chandeliers

Hoxton Hall is one of two surviving Victorian saloon-style music halls in London. Music hall entertainment developed out of the coffee shops of the 18th century and became increasingly popular by the 1830s. Hoxton Hall (originally named Macdonald's Music Hall) was built in 1863. The audience ate and drank in Macdonald's auditorium during shows which included 'the wonderful performing Russian cat, learned Canary birds and White Mice'. From 1879 the building was used by a temperance mission and then as a Quaker meeting house which contributed to the almost complete survival of its 19th century interior. The project includes the restoration of the ornate sunburner chandeliers, reverse chandeliers which provided decorative lighting and disguised a ventilation shaft.

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