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Leonard Montefiore Drinking Fountain

Restoration of the fountain

The Leonard Montefiore drinking fountain was erected in 1884 in memory of Leonard Montefiore (1853 - 1879). He was a friend of luminaries of the day, including Oscar Wilde and Arnold Toynbee, and himself Secretary of the Society for the Extension of University Teaching in Tower Hamlets, a member of the Jewish Board of Guardians aged 25 and supporter of women's suffrage. Montefiore moved to America in 1878 but died aged 27. The fountain is believed to be Montefiore's only memorial and an important reminder of the history of the Jewish East End.
The fountain has two inscriptions: commemorative words and a poem. It is in a very poor state - all its metalwork has been removed, it is not working and has graffiti on it. The HOLT grant will be used to dismantle and fully restore the fountain to working order, including the fabrication of three new bronze spouts.

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