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The Gillick Pageant

Restoration of the Gillick Pageant

The Gillick Pageant is a 1920s monument commemorating Chelsea history. Sir Thomas More's grand Beaufort estate, extending from the Thames to the King's Road, passed after More's execution through nine of England's noble families until it was bought finally by Sir Hans Sloane in 1737. In the late 18th century part of the stables and garden were sold to the Moravian Church and later leased as artists' studios. Artists Ernest and Mary Gillick created a heraldic display commemorating the history of the site.

This was restored by HOLT in September 2017 with thanks to the Cadogan Estate and the Salisbury Pool Charity. The launch was celebrated with the Marquess of Salisbury, Viscount Chelsea, Professor Thomas Betteridge, the Chelsea Society and the descendants of the artists, Ernest and Mary Gillick.

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