Wren’s Spire

Restoration of the spire of St Antholin’s Church

The first St Antholin’s Church, in Budge Row in the City, was destroyed by The Great Fire of 1666 and rebuilt by Sir Christopher Wren in 1682. In 1829, its spire was damaged in a storm and was removed and sold to printing pioneer Robert Harrild, a churchwarden. St Antholin’s Church itself was demolished in the 19th century to make way for the development of Queen Victoria Street. Robert Harrild transported the spire to his garden at Round Hill Manor House in Sydenham. Round Hill House became Sydenham and Forest Hill Social Club in the 1930s but was demolished in the 1960s. The spire sits at the centre of Round Hill estate but is in poor repair, caused mainly by weathering. The whole structure will be treated to remove dirt and sulphation, carved elements will be repaired and consolidated where necessary, and the stonework will be repointed using lime mortar.
This project was restored in November 2019.

whitechapel 2.jpg