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Please support our work! We have to fundraise for every project we do.


These buildings and monuments are irreplaceable. Once lost they are gone forever. By supporting us you’re uplifting London’s communities and inspiring future generations with the people and places who have marked our landscape.


We are grateful for any donation, large or small.


It’s thanks to kind gifts in Wills from our supporters that we’ve been able to restore some of London’s most beautiful monuments. Your gifts are a lifeline for HOLT and help us rescue places that will survive for decades, and we hope centuries to come. Please get in touch if you’d like to know more about leaving a gift, are planning to leave a gift or you’d like to know more about the work that your gift could support.


We would be pleased to talk to you more by telephone 020 7099 0559 or email via Please be assured that the Trust will respect your privacy at all times.

Dr Nicola Stacey at Broomfield Park

“I just wanted to say what a fabulous job has been done and how lovely it is to see Anthea’s name on the plaque. She loved London & everything about the place so I have no doubt she would be chuffed to bits to see the end result, in such a prominent position within the city.”


David Gray, nephew of Anthea Gray who generously left a gift in her Will.

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