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We’ve launched a crowdfunder to restore the amazing Leaning Woman Statue in Hammersmith, alongside local residents and Hammersmith & Fulham Council.

The statue faces the Great West Road and is a fantastic piece of post-War sculpture in London, created in 1959 by Czech sculptor Dr Karel Vogel.

The concrete has cracked and the internal structure is rusting. The project will include repairing all damage and stopping the corrosion, as well as improving its setting so it gets the widest possible audience! The statue has been on the Heritage at Risk Register since 2017 and has been wrapped to protect it from further damage.

Sixty local young people have visited the statue over the last 6 months as part of our Proud Places programme. They were inspired by the statue and the history of the sculptor Dr Karel Vogel, and created their own sculptures in response.

Find out more about here and please donate if you can:


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