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Christ Church, Spitalfields (1981)

Whitechapel Art Gallery (1982)

London Hospital Medical College (1988)

Chalice Foundation, Bethnal Green (1988)

St Anne’s Church, Limehouse (1989)

Christ Church, Spitalfields (1990)

Victoria Park, Bethnal Green (1991)

Trinity Centre, Aldgate (1991)

Queen Elizabeth Hospital For Sick Children (1991)

Christ Church, Isle of Dogs (1991)

St Margaret’s House, Bethnal Green (1991)

St Anne’s RC Church, Spitalfields (1992)

St Matthias Church, Poplar (1993)

Bishopsgate Institute, Spitalfields (1994)

St Paul’s Art Centre, Isle of Dogs (1994)

King Edward VII Jewish Memorial Fountain, Whitechapel Road (1994)

Stepney Green Clock Tower (1994)

Bishopsgate Institute, Spitalfields (1995)

Spitalfield’s Arts Project (1995)

St John’s School, Wapping (1995)

Ashfield Street, Whitechapel (1996)

Ragged School Museum, Bow (1996)

Our Lady of the Assumption RC Church, Bethnal Green (1998)

Columbia Market Nursery School (1999)

Oxford House, Bethnal Green (1999)

19th Century Terraced Houses, Whitechapel (1999)

Wapping Hydraulic Power Station (1999)

Fawe Street Studios, Limehouse (1999)

St Dunstan’s Church, Stepney Green (1999)

St Peter’s Vicarage, Stepney (1999)

Christ Church, Isle of Dogs (2001)

St George’s German Lutheran Church (2001)

London Metropolitan University Womens Library (2002)

Poplar Library (2002)

Shoreditch Tabernacle Hall (2003)

Queen Mary College, University of London (2006)

Bromley Hall (2006)

Royal Foundation of St Katharine, Limehouse (2006)

St John on Bethnal Green Church (2006)

St Dunstan’s Church, Stepney (2006)

Jacob Synagogue (2006)

Whitechapel Art Gallery (2006)

Minnie Lansbury Memorial Clock (2008)

St John on Bethnal Green Church (2008)

George Tavern, Commercial Road (2009)

St Matthew’s Church, Bethnal Green (2009)

Sandys Row Synagogue, Spitalfields (2010)

St Mary & Holy Trinity Church, Bow (2011)

St John on Bethnal Green Church (2013)

Christ Church, Spitalfields (2013)

St Mary & Holy Trinity Church, Bow (2018)

Toynbee Hall, Whitechapel (2019)

Northumberland House Arch, Bromley-By-Bow (2020)

Raine’s House Statues, Wapping (2020)

Columbia Market Gates, Tower Hamlets (2022)

Leonard Montefiore Drinking Fountain (2023)

Whitechapel Drinking Fountain (2023)

How Memorial Gateway, Bromley-by-Bow (current project)

George Green Tomb (current project)

King Edward VII Drinking Fountain (current project)

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