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Glossop Memorial Drinking Fountain, Old Isleworth (1990)

St. Nicholas’ Churchyard, Chiswick (1991)

St. Mary’s Convent, Chiswick (1992)

St. George’s Church, Hanworth (1992)

Whistler’s Tomb, St. Nicholas Churchyard, Chiswick (1994)

St. Nicholas’ Church, Chiswick (2001)

St. Leonard’s Church, Heston (2001)

Isleworth Public Hall, Hounslow (2005)

St. George’s Church, Hanworth Park (2005)

The Hogarth Memorial, St. Nicholas’ Churchyard, Chiswick (2009)

Thornycroft Monument, St Nicholas’ Church, Chiswick (2012)

Christ Church, Turnham Green (2013)

St George’s Church, Hanworth Park (2016)

St Nicholas Church, Chiswick (2016)

Glossop Memorial, Isleworth (2016)

Cranford Village Lockup (2017)

Gunnersbury Park Arch (2018)

Turnham Green Drinking Fountain, Chiswick (2020)

St Paul’s Recreation Ground, Brentford (2021)

Promenade Approach, Chiswick (2022)

Boston Manor House, Hounslow (2022)

Brentford Drinking Fountain (current project)

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